【RECRUITMENT】Looking for Creative Professionals

Rush Gaming is seeking creative professional who specialize in design and editing. Now is the opportunity for you to lead the esports industry in Japan alongside with Rush Gaming.
Desired Talent
  • We look forward to those who are passionate in producing innovative and inspiring content for the gaming industry, and those who want to mark the beginning to their creative career as a professional

  • We look forward those who are eager to have their works grow through us and utilize such foundation to build towards their future career

Please refer to works from Optic Gaming's Hitch. Whether you are a creative leader or an individual trying to aim high, we would certainly like to put you into consideration.

Requirements and Responsibilities

Rush Gaming - Editor (Nonpaid Position)

  • Rush Gaming Montage and Other General Video Production

  • Photographer, editor, producer, director fall into this category

Rush Gaming - Designer (Nonpaid Position)

  • Image production for Rush Gaming

  • Graphic and Images for Social Media Marketing

  • Graphic and Images for Official Website

Wekids - Project Manager(Paid Position) Salary based on skills and experience

  • Video Production for Client Projects - Interview and stream layout art.. etc

  • Movie Production for the Wekids Brand

  • Teaching Animation Production to Staff

  • Experienced in creative production and thorough understanding of art design and visuals

  • Portfolio with previous work that best represent your current skill level

  • (Roughly around 5 pieces of art)

Required Skills
  • Editor

  • Proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

  • Designer

  • Proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator, or any other related software

Application Process

Trial Period (3 Months)

  • Priority will be given to those who are willing to go through a trial period of 3 months as nonpaid staff

  • Workload is to be discussed and negotiable

After Trial Period

  • After trial period, you may be considered to fulfill paid work responsibilities in Wekids Inc. and Rush Gaming

  • In the event we see your skills as a valuable asset in other ways, there is a chance that we may request you to do paid work for Wekids Inc.

  • Paid work compensation starts from 1000 yen/hour

  • If it is possible for you to conveniently commute to the office directly, you will be provided a work environment the current staff have

  • After trial period, we will evaluate your performance and a standard job interview will take place

  • (Please be aware: You must come into an agreement with contract details to proceed onto the next step)

Application Form

We require you to prepare and provide specific documents in order to consider your candidacy.

Contact the following address: job@wekids-inc.com with your

  • Portfolio

  • Resume

  • Cover Letter

*You must be willing to complete an art test if specifically requested to do so as a trial assignment

Assignment for Potential Applicants (Position - Editor)

  • Please make an introduction video of the Rush Gaming Team

  • ​Video in question must be made to either suit for use on Rush Gaming Official Website or on YouTube

  • Video length, themes, and styles are up for potential applicants to decide.

  • Please feel free to use existing content from Rush Gaming for the application video

Assignment for Potential Applicants (Position - Designer)

  • Please propose to us various design ideas, and provide sample images for Social Media Marketing or Website design

Original Art Assets

※To ensure the consistency of content creation from potential applicants, we encourage you to work around with our existing content

(Tampering with the files is strictly forbidden)


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