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【ANNOUNCEMENT】Rush Gaming Partners with Sennheiser Gaming

After recent success in the local scene, Rush Gaming by Wekids, Professional Call of Duty team based in Japan, is ready to take the next steps and is proud to announce partnership with Sennheiser Gaming.

This partnership is special not only to us, but also the Japanese esports scene. Sennheiser has been putting recent efforts towards building their gaming brand through the launch of local social media and press event, and Rush Gaming hopes to push their gaming lineup even further in the local market.

Sennheiser puts in their 70 years of audio expertise into crafting the most advanced gaming headsets and amplifiers, and Rush Gaming is looking forward to gain an even further competitive edge over others.

Please stay tuned for more information!

Rush Gaming Twitter Account

Sennheiser Gaming Twitter Account

Sennheiser Gaming Japan Twitter Account


ゼンハイザーについて / About Sennheiser




2019/12/7。 この人はこんなにも泣くのか。 隣で泣く麗さんを私は凝視した。 もはや怖い。 その日行われたのは、MWシーズン始まってから初の日本でのオフライン大会。 結果、Rush Gamingは2位。 勝てると言われてきた試合での2位。 これがどれだけ、Rushにとって重かったか。 その後公式が出した記事によってロスター変更、最低一名のサブロスターへの繰り下げがアナウンスされた。 ファンの

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