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Rush Gaming Inc. は、2018年に GreedZz、HASESHINなどにより創業された、ゲーミング企業です。eスポーツチーム運営や、ストリーミング、コンテンツ制作、選手育成、イベント、アパレル、コミュニティ活性活動等を通して、ゲームの良さや感動を伝え、大会優勝、世界最高レベルのeスポーツ組織構築、及びチームブランドを創ることを目指しています。​​

Rush Gaming Inc. is a new gaming company and esports organization built at the intersection of competitive gaming, community activities, entertainment and apparel. Rush Gaming was found in 2018 by Aoi "GreedZz" Kobayashi, the Rush Gaming Call of Duty team captain, together with Japan's No,1 Call of Duty talent "HASESHIN", and Ulara Nishitani. 

GreedZz is one of the most popular competitive gaming player in Japan, who has won several Japanese and Asian Call of Duty titles in the past under Rush Gaming team. 

Rush Gaming currently has competitive gaming team in Call of Duty, and is looking for new opportunities in the other game genres. Moving forward, our goals are to win championships, tell the most compelling stories in competitive gaming, and create the world's best esports organization and brand where talents shine.