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To all the fans, partners, and related people.

First of all, we would like to express our gratitudes for everyone’s continued support.

One of the members in Rush Gaming’s starting roster, GreedZz, will be dismissed from his duties as a “competitive player” in the team temporarily due to severe eye issues.

The situation of his eye has worsened ever since the beginning of this year. To the point he would start to experience major eye and even headaches after one hour of gameplay. For this reason, and more importantly for his well-being, we have decided that it is difficult for him to continue his daily routine as a player for the meantime.

A few years ago, GreedZz’s eye condition has been confirmed by the doctor to be diagnosed with xerophthalmia.

Regarding his activities in the near future, everything is yet to be decided. As much as we’d like him to keep pursing his passion, he isn’t in the condition to do so and our responsibility is to support is well-being more than anything else.

Thus, for the upcoming Japan National Tournament in January 26-27, Rush Gaming’s streamer division - Light will be substituting in. He will be undergoing the same practice routine alongside with the starting roster to prepare for the matches in the coming weeks.

Rush Gaming

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