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【COLLABORATION】FaZe Clan's Attach and Rush Gaming's GreedZz Interview each other

As many are aware, Rush Gaming’s GreedZz has recently finished doing a collaboration with the world-famous Attach from FaZe Clan. They played some Call of Duty: WWII while interacting through voice coms while being more than 8000 miles away from each other.

They asked each other questions while playing some Call of Duty: WWII!

Videos have been uploaded and you can check them out here

Rush Gaming, GreedZz's POV

FaZe Clan, Attach's POV

Coincidentally, GreedZz and Attach's first Call of Duty game were Call of Duty 4!

Asking each other's background in the game Attach: When did you go pro? What was your first professional Call of Duty game? GreedZz: WWII Attach: And when did you start YouTube? GreedZz: I started back during Black Ops 3! Attach sees that the Japanese community is pretty awesome and supportive of him [GreedZz] and his team [Rush Gaming].

GreedZz: How did you meet FaZe Clan? Attach: So I was actually on a team called Denial Esports, and played against FaZe numerous times. I would oftentimes do well against FaZe back when I was in Denial Esports and Banks from FaZe would always ask me “when can I get you on the team, when can I get you on FaZe?”

While I was in Denial Esports, we won a few championships but then later we split.

It wasn’t anything too complicated. Just a few tournament wins and I eventually ended up in FaZe.

During the conversation, Attach asked if GreedZz could take some time when they are free during the tournament days and have GreedZz teach him some Japanese. They agreed and it will definitely be an exciting out-of-game content to record!

Attach also mentioned that he is part Japanese and part Mexican. However he can’t speak Japanese nor Spanish, so he has always had the desire to learn either one of them.

GreedZz: How long do you stream on a daily basis? Attach: I’d stream for 6 to 8 hours everyday in two sessions, before and after practicing with my team for scrims. I also stream Fortnite because that’s the new big game.

Attach: How many teams compete over there in Japan? GreedZz: About 30 to 40 teams.

The Call of Duty competitive scene is certainly growing alot these days, even in the local Japanese scene. Attach has expressed his interests in participating in a tournament in Japan, and also coming here for the food, culture, hanging out with the Rush Gaming team, and even possibly stream from Japan.

Attach is glad to show GreedZz and the Rush Gaming team around California when they visit for CWL Anahelm later this year in June.

Attach: So what is your goal right now in Call of Duty? What is your main goal and motivation? GreedZz: My motivation comes from the desire to want to play against stronger opponents, and another reason is simply because I love the game. The current goal I have is to leave results that I will never regret in the upcoming CWL.

GreedZz: I have a question! What do you think of the Call of Duty scene in America? Attach: The game itself and the esports scene is still getting decent viewership from my perspective. People here keep saying that “Call of Duty is dead,” but I believe that to be false. Still a ton of people are watching and playing it everyday, and it’s only going to be better once the big players, the really famous ones start to become more active streamers.

Attach hopes to bring FaZe to Japan one day.

That’d certainly be hype!

FaZe Clan, Attach's Twitter Profile

Rush Gaming, GreedZz's Twitter Profile

Rush Gaming Twitter Account

Rush Gaming Partner, Sennheiser Gaming Japan




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