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【CWL Anaheim】Recap - What Happened to Rush Gaming? Part 2 of 2

Recap from Rush Gaming's run in CWL Anaheim Day 1.

Find out how they managed to advance to Day 2 from watching the video!

Although they made through Day 1, they found themselves in a really tight spot as they were sent to the Loser's Bracket from their first match in the tournament. The team knew that it was too late to make any drastic playstyle changes that might backfire, so from the management side, I saw them put plenty of efforts into speaking up during gameplay and calling out what is necessary. They must've felt that they were one loss away from the end of their run in the tournament, realizing the true importance of taking swift action.

As a result, they delivered really excellent, and to be honest, surprising performance during their second match, managing to make a breakthrough in their weaknesses in Hardpoint and sealing the deal from Search & Destroy, coming back from being 1-4 and then winning 5 straight rounds closing the match with a 6-4.

I could feel their adrenaline pumping just from watching them. They picked up the habits from the Western scene not just in game but also out of game where they give each other fist bumps and encourage each other to perform better. It was a really touching moment as majority of the team members are introverts in real life.

It was a point where you could feel the team growing from each round, each match.

Not just as players, but also as people.

Unfortunately, their run was ended from the next match against CyberstormGG from really, really close Hardpoint and S&D rounds, even coming as close as 5-6.

The team and staff all believe that Rush Gaming would've had it and advanced to the next round if they fixed team communication issues perhaps a day earlier. If they could've taken a close S&D game with 6-5, they could've shown their forte in Capture the Flag.

But that didn't happen.

This loss was an important lesson to the team, and proved to be crucial to their growth.

Feeling down and reflecting on their actions from throughout the trip, they might be as sorrowful as ever, but have burning desire to come back even stronger than ever next time.

...and we all look forward for the next time.

We want to express our most sincere gratitude towards Sennheiser Gaming Japan for providing the necessary audio equipment for us, SMBC (三井住友カード) for supporting the team and staff this entire trip, and also Wekids for their communication and content support.

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2019/12/7。 この人はこんなにも泣くのか。 隣で泣く麗さんを私は凝視した。 もはや怖い。 その日行われたのは、MWシーズン始まってから初の日本でのオフライン大会。 結果、Rush Gamingは2位。 勝てると言われてきた試合での2位。 これがどれだけ、Rushにとって重かったか。 その後公式が出した記事によってロスター変更、最低一名のサブロスターへの繰り下げがアナウンスされた。 ファンの

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